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7 Things You Didn’t Know About Dr Pepper

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Dr Pepper

We bet you didn’t know these facts about Dr Pepper

Dr Pepper is the oldest major soft drink manufacturer in the United States.

1. Dr Pepper was invented in Morrison's Old Corner Drug Store in Waco, Texas by a pharmacist named Charles Alderton, who served carbonated drinks at the drug store’s soda fountain in his spare time. He liked the smell of the drug store mixed with the fruity syrup, so he created a drink that tasted like that smell.

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2. Plenty of theories have circulated around the naming of Dr Pepper, but the origin of the name is still unknown.

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3. The period in “Dr” was dropped in the 1950s for legibility reasons and to get rid of any “medicinal association.”

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4. Retired Dr Pepper flavors include Dr Pepper Red Fusion, Dr Pepper Berries and Cream, and Diet Cherry Chocolate Dr Pepper.

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5. In the United Kingdom, and in a few other countries, Dr Pepper is made with sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup.

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6. Dr Pepper also sells candy products including a line of jelly beans with the Jelly Belly company and Dr Pepper-flavored Hubba Bubba bubblegum, which tastes exactly like the soda.

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7. The soft drink brand is the oldest major soft drink manufacturer in the United States, manufactured and sold beginning in 1885.

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The Untold Truth Of Dr Pepper

Any standard soda fountain is going to have your classic colas and lemon-lime options, but no soda machine is complete without what is arguably the most unique soft drink of all time — Dr Pepper. 7-Up might have called itself "The Uncola," but with a flavor that's nearly impossible to pinpoint, Dr Pepper (which was once astutely branded with the slogan "Always One of a Kind") could have conceivably called itself the uncola, too. What is that flavor? Is it really prune juice?

One thing's for sure — it's not Coke, and that's according to a federal court who ruled that its oh-so-unique flavor meant it was decidedly not a "cola product." So what is it, exactly? We will probably never know the secret recipe of the the oldest major soft drink in the United States, but Dr Pepper has been around since 1885, and in all that time you can bet there are some secrets of the brand that have been divulged.

Sunnyvale Fruity Lexia and Dr Pepper Cherry | Goon Mixer Recipe

Goon Sack Info
Standard Drinks per Cask30
Alcoholic Content 9.5%
Average Price$10.99

We didn’t have high expectations for the drink after the horrible experience we had trying to get down Cherry Coke and Goon. Wasting Cherry Dr Pepper was the last thing we wanted to do, due to its price. We may as well have been mixing the goon with jewels (Jewels is a rapper who charges quite a lot to people who would like to mix goon with him or just hang out).

For those who don’t know, Dr Pepper is a soft drink made up of 23 flavours, first originating in the 1880’s. The drink was first discovered by a pharmacist who was working for a drug-store in Texas, he first discovered it in his cupboard while searching for a small plate.

The man who invented Dr Pepper

We mixed the Dr Pepper with Sunnyvale Fruity Lexia, which we have used many times before, mostly because we bought a lot of them when they were two for $18. It is smooth and easy to drink, which is why it goes well with so many different mixers or even by itself.

Surprisingly the drink actually tasted alright. It wasn’t the best mix we have had, but definitely worth a try if you are into Dr Pepper or goon. However I did pay $2 for a tiny can and for that price I’d rather not taste watered down Dr Pepper. I’m assuming it costs a lot less in America, but here in Australis it is insanely expensive. The price of the Dr Pepper is made even worse as the amount required to make the drink taste good is quite large compared to the can size.

Overall it was an okay tasting mix – although I would much rather drink the Dr Pepper on its own.

10 Things You Didn&rsquot Know About Dr. Pepper #DPSBalance

I&rsquove never been a huge soda fan. I would swear that I couldn&rsquot tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi and rarely would go out of my way to track down a can of soda &ndash with one big exception. Dr. Pepper. Yep, I&rsquom apparently a Pepper, because I do love the flavor of a Dr. Pepper! I had the chance to be part of a conference call with some of the folks behind the amazing Pepper recently and I certainly learned a few things I didn&rsquot know before!

1) Only two people know the complete formula for Dr. Pepper. TWO!! I sure hope they are taking extra special care to make sure nothing happens to those two people&hellip

2) Dr. Pepper comes in ten different varieties/flavors/formulations. I&rsquom pretty sure I haven&rsquot experienced more than half of them. I have some work to do!!

3) You can now get Dr. Pepper made with real cane sugar. It&rsquos kind of a throwback recipe to my days as a kid.

4) The Dr. Pepper Snapple Group includes more than 50 different name brands including YooHoo, Sunkist, Clamato, Orangina, Mott&rsquos, ReaLemon, Hawaiian Punch and many others.

5) Dr. Pepper Snapple is in the process of developing a number of beverages sweetened with a natural sugar and stevia blend. This is a direct result of consumers expressing a desire for these products. You ask, they listen.

6) There are employees at Dr. Pepper Snapple whose sole job is to taste new soda flavors. I may be in the wrong profession here&hellip

7) Over the years, there have been close to 250 Snapple flavors. Two. Hundred. and Fifty. Whoa.

8) Dr. Pepper Snapple Group is committed to helping kids stay active and has launched the Let&rsquos Play initiative to provide the tools, spaces and inspiration to make play a daily priority.

9) DPS launched Let&rsquos Play in 2011 with a $15 million three year partnership to build or improve 2,000 playgrounds with KaBOOM ! , a national non-profit dedicated promoting active play. &lsquoNough said.

10) Dr. Pepper Snapple has some new products in the works that I am not allowed to tell you about just yet. (But trust me &ndash they are going to be awesome!!)

These amazingly intriguing facts were brought to you thanks to a partnership with Dr. Pepper Snapple Group and The Motherhood. All opinions and Dr. Pepper obsessions are my own.

Like Dr Pepper, Mr. Pibb also initially started in Waco, Texas

In many ways, Mr. Pibb was something like the little annoying bully that might have attended grade school with the mega popular Dr Pepper. Prime example: the Coca-Cola Company debuted Mr. Pibb in Dr Pepper's hometown of Waco, Texas. This Hill Country town outside of Austin isn't necessarily known as a go-to test market, which is what makes Coke's stunt all the cheekier.

As many know, Dr Pepper is unofficially the soft drink of Texas (via Houston Press). It was first manufactured and available for purchase in Waco (and there's even a Dr Pepper Museum there dedicated to this history).

When Mr. Pibb hit the scene in 1972, Coke began test-marketing in Waco and Texarkana, as well as a few other cities in Texas and Mississippi. And, the art director on the Mr. Pibb campaign Alan Honig told The New York Times a year later in 1973, they sold 17,000 cases in the first week. But there were apparently tons of advertising and coupons to pull this off.

He was not afraid to bring political commentary into his children books

Yertle the Turtle was a characterisation of Hitler or Mussolini. Geisel could never totally decide which, however at one point Yertle was sporting a rather iconic moustache. The Lorax was a direct statement to the logging industry and consumerism in general. You already know the reason for Horton Hears A Who, but don’t believe the memes about The Cat In The Hat Nothing to do with religion and everything to do with questioning the authorities.

Comparatively, Hooray For Diffendorfer Day is all about awesome teachers who encourage critical thought and do not fall to the administrative concept of standardized testing. Geisel was a rare breed of adult who never underestimated the brain power of children.

10 Awesome Things You Might Not Know About Dr. Fauci

I don’t know about you, but when I watch the White House’s daily coronavirus briefings, it’s with a finger on the mute button. When Trump is speaking, I hit mute. When Dr. Fauci speaks, I unmute. Suffering through Trump’s word salad is terrible for my mental health, and in general I prefer my information to be dispensed in a logical, facts-based manner. So my listening preferences are a matter of self-preservation.

But Dr. Fauci is more than just a calm, measured voice stepping in to organize and clarify the ill-informed, narcissistic, self-agrandizing ramblings of President Trump. He’s also one of the smartest humans alive, probably has more energy than any human who ever lived, and in general is a smashing success of a human being. Here are ten things you may not have known about this incredible individual:

1. He power walks five miles per day, every day, at lunchtime. Or rather, he used to. And before power walking, it was running. His running buddy, Mike Goldrich, the NIAID’s former chief operating officer, told the Wall Street Journal that he and Dr. Fauci ran every day regardless of weather — “Ice. Snow. Rain. Heat. We were big fans of Gore-Tex.” Apparently, there is only one thing that can get this 79-year-old to put his daily exercise outings on pause — a pandemic.

2. Those runs are child’s play compared to the marathons Dr. Fauci has completed. He ran his personal best in 1984 at the Marine Corps Marathon, with a time of 3:37. In 1990 he ran the same marathon again with a time of 3:52. Could this man BE more dependable?

3. He was the captain of Regis High School’s basketball team back 1958, when they called him “Fauch.” He even led his team to a huge upset after a year of losses, a feat that members of that team still remember fondly to this day.

4. He has served under six U.S. presidents, leading the NIAID (The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases) since 1984, doing important work in the decades since on HIV/AIDS, West Nile virus, SARS and Ebola.

5. President George W. Bust awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2008 for his contribution in advancing the understanding and treatment of HIV/AIDS.

6. He’s not afraid to disagree with Trump. It’s well-known that Trump fires people who disagree with him. Somehow Dr. Fauci manages to escape Trump’s ire even though he regularly contradicts him. Probably because there would likely be actual riots if Trump tried to fire Fauci. Though, to be clear, right-wing media is already targeting Dr. Fauci, trying to discredit him by popularizing conspiracy theories that he’s deliberately trying to undermine Trump’s popularity. A New York Times analysis found that over 70 Twitter accounts promoted the hashtag #FauciFraud, some tweeting up to 795 times per day.

7. He’s not afraid to address social inequities. In Michigan, black Americans comprise 35 percent of COVID-19 cases even though they represent only 14.1 percent of the overall population. Dr. Fauci recalled how, during his work in the ‘80s on the HIV/AIDS epidemic, there was “extraordinary stigma, particularly against the gay community.” He said he sees some similarities between then in now, in that the COVID-19 crisis is “shining a bright light on how acceptable that is, because yet again, when you have a situation like the coronavirus, [minorities] are suffering disproportionately.”

8. He’s married to a badass. Dr. Christine Grady, Dr. Fauci’s wife of 35 years, is chief of the Department of Bioethics at the NIH Clinical Center. She’s published 175 papers in the biomedical and bioethics literature and authored or edited several books, including The Oxford Textbook of Clinical Research Ethics. NBD.

9. Way back in 1988, Dr. Fauci was praised by former President George HW Bush during a presidential debate. During the debate, between then-Vice President Bush and Michael Dukakis, the candidates were each asked who they thought were heroes and who young Americans should aspire to be like. Bush lauded Dr. Fauci for his work in HIV/AIDS research. “You’ve probably never heard of him,” he said. “He’s a very fine researcher, top doctor at National Institute of Health, working hard at doing something — research on this disease of AIDS.”

1988: @AnnCompton asks Bush & Dukakis who their heroes are, "point out to young Americans as figures who should inspire this country?"
Bush: "Fauci …top doctor at NIH, working hard doing something about research on this disease of AIDS"

&mdash David I. Ramadan (@DavidIRamadan) March 21, 2020

10. He is prolific AF. Dr. Fauci has edited, authored, and co-authored more than 1,000 scientific publications. According to the NIH, he has 32 honorary doctorate degrees from colleges and universities around the world. “He is a member of the National Academy of Sciences, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the Institute of Medicine (Council Member), the American Philosophical Society, and the Royal Danish Academy of Science and Letters, as well as a number of other professional societies including the American Society for Clinical Investigation, the Association of American Physicians, the Infectious Diseases Society of America, the American Association of Immunologists, and the American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology.” And, as if that weren’t enough, according to Science Watch, from 1983 to 2002, Fauci was the 13th-most cited scientist in the world.

In short, Dr. Fauci is the bright light in these uncertain, scary times, the voice of reason we turn to when we need a dose of truth, common sense, and hope.

10 Hidden Sources of Sugar You Didn’t Know About

Are hidden sources of sugar finding their way into your diet? We all like sweet foods and sweet flavors but are we being tricked into consuming more than we think we are? The average America consumes between 150-170 pounds of sugar a year according to the USDA. That is equivalent to 10 teaspoons of sugar each day!

Most people would say that don&rsquot eat anywhere close to 10 teaspoons of sugar daily, because it isn&rsquot like they are shoveling it down their face. They are being misled into believing many of the so called healthy items they are consuming are low in sugar. Unfortunately, many of these items contain hidden sources of sugar that make them as rich as a handful of candy.

How Food Manufactures Tricked My Mom

Growing up, my mom used to limit the amount of sugar my family would consume. We rarely had processed desserts, candy and cupcakes. She did her best to keep sugar out of the house and bought foods we all assumed were part of a balanced, healthy diet.

Unfortunately, my mom, like most mothers&rsquo throughout the world, was unaware of all the hidden sources of sugar found in many &ldquohealthy foods.&rdquo This hidden sugar can add up and cause significant inflammatory activity within the body.

Here is a list of foods most households are consuming and giving to their children thinking they are making healthy choices. They are what we refer to as hidden sources of sugar.

1. Smoothies:

When I was 20 years old, I took a part-time job at a Smoothie King because I loved exercise and nutrition and thought it would be cool to get a free smoothie every time I worked. Most people in society believe that stopping in to get a lunch time smoothie is a very healthy activity.

The truth is that the average smoothie contains 40-80 grams of sugar. The most popular drink on the menu, the Angel Food, contains 75 grams of sugar in the 20oz (the size small) cup. Much of this from added sugar in addition to the bananas and strawberries.

My Recommendation: Avoid all the smoothie shops and make your own smoothie at home with frozen berries, coconut milk, coconut oil, high quality bone broth protein powder and possibly even an avocado for extra fat. You will feel satisfied and should be able to go 4-6 hours after this without feeling hungry.

2. Yogurt:

My family consumed yogurt daily. We loved all the different types but my favorite was the Breyer&rsquos fruit on the bottom. Unfortunately, most of these contain up to 30 grams of sugar, often in the form of high fructose corn syrup.

Today, most people assume that yogurt is healthy because it contains calcium, magnesium, protein and probiotics. Unfortunately, the amount of sugar within these acts as an anti-nutrient, increasing the utilization rate of these key nutrients. Even Greek yogurt, which is touted as the healthiest form of yogurt contains 6-9 grams of sugar in a serving. This is much better than sugar sweetened yogurts but still more than most people realize.

My Recommendation: Use unsweetened coconut yogurt. You can find the So Delicious brand of Coconut milk yogurt in an unsweetened vanilla form and it tastes good and contains 1 gram of sugar per serving.

3. Protein Bars:

These are often marketed as healthy because they contain nuts and seeds that have beneficial qualities to them. Unfortunately, they are too often full of honey, high fructose corn syrup and other sugar sources. I have seen them with anywhere from 10-30 grams of added sugar.

In the health food industry, there are greens bars and other superfood bars that are full of date sugar or honey that are simple sugars that cause inflammation and blood sugar imbalances. These also contain 10-30 grams of sugar in a simple bar.

My Recommendation: The best protein bars on the market are the Bulletproof Collagen Bars. You can also stick with organic beef or turkey jerky or do veggies and guacamole. Even better snack foods would be the coconut cup recipes on

4. Ketchup and BBQ Sauce:

Ketchup was a regular item in my house growing up. We would use it on eggs, have it with bean burgers (when my family was vegetarian) and even on potatoes at times. Many people in our society use ketchup on a wide variety of things. In 2 tablespoons of ketchup, you can easily get 9-10 grams of sugar.

BBQ sauce has even more added sugar than ketchup and 2 tbsps will typically give you around 12-15 grams of sugar.

My Recommendations: Use a ketchup source that is low in sugar and uses natural ingredients such as Tessemae&rsquos here and a sugar-free BBQ sauce like Simple Girl&rsquos here

5. Fruit Juice:

My family loved orange juice growing up. We would have this special treat on the weekends and would down a few gallons in those 2 days. 1 cup of Tropicana orange juice may contain 110% of your recommended amount of vitamin C, but it also contains 22 grams of sugar. That sugar content will deplete more vitamin C from your body than you are getting out of the juice!

In the health realm, there are all kinds of green juices but most of them use a fruit juice as a base. Most of these have 20-30 grams of sugar per cup. I don&rsquot care how many superfoods they put in these drinks, that level of sugar acts as an inflammatory stimulant and depletes the body of vital nutritional stores.

My Recommendation: Make a natural lemonade with filtered water, fresh squeezed lemon or organic lemon juice and stevia. This is a great tasting and refreshing drink. You can also add in ginger for even more health benefits.

6. Salad Dressings:

Most people assume that eating a salad is healthy and we certainly did in my family. We would get a big bowl full of romaine lettuce, baby spinach, tomato, cucumber and onion. Then we would smother on the French, Russian or Thousand Island Dressing or the Raspberry vinaigrette.

Unfortunately, these all contain 10-12 grams of sugars in 2 tbsps. They often have added sugars in the form of &ldquocorn syrup solids.&rdquo Even typical commercial balsamic vinaigrettes contains 5 grams of sugar in the form of cornstarch in a 2 tbsp serving.

My Recommendation: Skip the fancy dressings and use olive oil and either fresh squeezed lemon or apple cider vinegar with dried herbs as your dressing. It tastes great and will help improve your metabolism and digestion.

7. Special Sauces:

Most restaurants have special sauce recipes they put on the various meat dishes to dress them up and give them unique and exotic flavors. Unfortunately, most of these special sauces contain a high amount of added sugars in the form of corn starches, corn based maltodextrin and high fructose corn syrup.

Any sort of dish that uses the term &ldquoglazed&rdquo is going to contain added sugars. It is much better to stick with meat that has been grilled, baked or broiled.

My Recommendation: Get your meat grilled, baked or broiled and tell the serving staff to hold the extra sauces and glazes. Instead, add fresh or dried herbs, vinegar or lemon juice and olive oil or butter

8. Whole Wheat Bread:

Growing up my parents would never get white bread. We always got some sort of whole wheat bread. We thought this was much healthier, but we know that 2 slices of whole wheat bread can raise your blood sugar more than 2 tbsps of table sugar.

Many people also believe that sprouted grain breads such as Ezekial bread are good, but unfortunately, these two are loaded with carbs that drive up your blood sugar.

My Recommendation: Avoid the bread and stick with a diet rich in good fat sources, lots of veggies, occasional fruit and healthy meats. For a bread alternative, try making coconut flour bread. You can also use coconut flour wraps here for a take to work lunch.

9. Dried Fruit:

Most people think that having a handful of raisins or craisins (dried cranberries) are a healthy snack. Many granola&rsquos are full of dried fruit. These are loaded with added and concentrated sugars. One quarter cup of craisins contains 29 grams, nearly 6 tsps, of sugar!

My Recommendations: Avoid dried fruit sources and consume either whole fruit sources which have more anti-oxidants, enzymes and fiber.

10. Nut Butters:

People like nut butters that are sweet. Your typical Jif has 3-4 grams of added sugar in it and when people want a healthier alternative to the trans-fat rich commercial peanut butters, they still want the sweet taste.

Even great brands such as MaraNatha use organic evaporated cane sugar as one of the top ingredients. Be sure to check your nut butter in order to avoid these added sugars.

My Recommendations: Stick with pure organic nut butters and raw nuts that are free of added sugars and toxic oils.


As you can see, many of the foods we once thought were awesome, are actually full of added sugars. Consuming too many sugars inflames our body and leads to major health issues such as unnecessary weight gain, insulin resistance, joint pain, auto-immune conditions, leaky gut syndrome and neurological degeneration.

If you are looking to improve your diet and lifestyle, lose weight, reduce inflammation and improve your energy levels than I would recommend a 30-day sugar detox. You can get my free sugar detox, 3 Keys to Stop Sugar Cravings PDF and a video training by enrolling here

12 Things You Didn't Know about Dr. Linley

Dr. Christi Linley does it all - she's a wife, mother, and an amazing veterinarian to boot! We asked Dr. Linley 12 questions to get to know her better!

Q: What aspect of your job do you enjoy the most?

A: My favorite thing is sending sick patients home much healthier and happier than they were when they came in.

Q: What would you be doing if you didn’t work with animals?

A: Definitely interior design. I’d be the next Joanna Gaines!

Q: If you could have any superpower, what would you choose and why?

A: The ability to transform into different animals. If you need to fly away, be a bird. If you need to defend yourself, be a tiger! If you want to be a queen, be a cat.

Q: What is your proudest moment at Prosper Trail Animal Hospital?

A: I have had several patients who were struggling with chronic conditions that have made AMAZING improvements. Working with owners to help their pets live their best possible life and seeing progress in your patients is so rewarding.

Dr Pepper Shortages

Out of all of the sodas and soft drinks out there, Dr Pepper is the one that is constantly out of stock in my area. More specifically, the Dr Pepper + Cream Soda. I haven't been able to find it in my local grocery stores for the past few days. I will be pissed if everyone is hoarding it like toilet paper and milk. STOP HOARDING MY DR PEPPER. That should fix the problem.

Anyone else seeing Dr Pepper shortages in your area?

I cannot find Cherry Dr. Pepper in my area and it is ticking me off! Like wtf? I am wondering the same thing you are, if ppl are hoarding it! Like what sucks is you cannot even have it delivered right now or order it online anywhere right now and I do not know about you, but I am not driving all over just to get some that might be there and is 30 freaking minutes away!

I’ve been searching everywhere for Cherry Dr Pepper, and it’s pissing me off!! I live in the Southern Tier of upstate New York. I talked to the local Tops Markets grocery manager and the distributor was there, and they said that it’s not available anywhere in the area right now. I want to know why. I need Cherry Dr Pepper in my life!!

YES! I need my Cherry Dr. Pepper! It's ridiculous! Come on! And in some stores, the spot where it was before is now full of Cream Soda Dr. Pepper. Ugh

Try spiking your regular Dr. Pepper with some grenadine. It's a red-colored sweet cordial sold in glass bottles in the grocery store. My sons used to use it with ginger ale to make "Shirley Temples". It's actually made from pomegranates, not cherry, but it's kind of close.

Maybe you could find someplace that sells cherry-flavored snow-cone syrup.

I literally just got off the phone with a coke rep as I had left a message because I was looking for diet dr pepper cream soda and couldn't find it anywhere. He said and I quote. "Unfortunately, we have suspended production on this product for the time being due to a shortage in aluminum. So I do not know when we will actually be producing again, but as soon as we do we'll have in stock" I'm not sure this applies to only the diet but that's what he said. Bums me out because it was one of my favorites!

This is just a guess, but if they're short on aluminum, they probably picked the less profitable product in their line to stop producing so they can use the aluminum to can more Coke.

OH! So the grocery store cashier who just told me there was an aluminum shortage was right!

This is absolutely true. My sister works for coke

I live in New England and love Diet Dr Pepper in cans. They are nowhere to be found, and haven’t been available for about 5 weeks. Bottles are also becoming scarce. I was also told about the aluminum shortage by the supermarket managers I talked to. I can understand prioritizing the most popular brands because of the shortage, but thought Diet Dr. Pepper would have made the list. Recently Triscuits stopped making rye caraway which was my absolute favorite snack. They 30 other crappy, God awful flavors, but got rid of the one good one. I feel like the world is conspiring against me!

Yes! There is no DIET Dr. Pepper in Food Maxx in Redding CA. I'll have to check other stores in the morning, but the cashier told me heɽ heard there is an aluminum shortage or somesuch. There was only regular Dr. Pepper and THAT was ONLY in 2-liter plastic bottles.

A note to ANYONE thinking of hoarding DIET sodas: The artificial sweeteners are not stable and break down after about 6 months, tops. Check the expiration dates. Some friends offered us some diet soda theyɽ had in their garage for about 2 years and they all tasted like club soda - very bitter. Do not hoard diet soft drinks. Also, note that your bottled water has expiration dates.

Anyone wondering about the absence of Diet Mug Root Beer - wonder no more. PepsiCo has quit making Diet Mug Root Beer. Any you find by now will have expired.